Show you are part of the A+R Tactics crew with pride!
We train from experience
Lifesaving skills to keep yourself and loved ones safe - Learn our story
Show you are part of the A+R Tactics crew with pride!
We train from experience
Lifesaving skills to keep yourself and loved ones safe - Learn our story

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Real-World Training

Training increases survivabilty, and scenario training with marking rounds is the apex of training. Come see what we do everyday and join us next time.

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We value our customers and their opinions

Everyone is so Friendly. I know Nicole she is amazing and very professional. From self defense or get you comfortable with any weapon or even a fun party they can do it all.

Robert Baldzhiev

We had our first class with Nicole today and we were very impressed. She gave us a thorough refresher on gun safety and was great in showing us how to “clear the house”. We will definitely be back!

Dianne Morris

Today has been more than an amazing educational learning experience for me! The staff was knowledgeable and helpful with everything and showed us every worse case scenario possible and answered all of our questions! I will be participating again!!!

Fern E.

Just traveled down from Roanoke, VA specifically to do the shoothouse experience and man, what a great time! I have no military or police training - just an everyday working mom interested in self defense, home defense and all the self preservation things. - I go to the range but nothing prepared me for this. I learned so much!

Michelle R.

I highly recommend A+R Tactics. I can’t say enough about the experience. I have trained on the range most of my life but have never had the opportunity to apply that skill to real life scenarios. It is an environment unlike anything else

Steven Maddox

I traveled all the way from Camp lejeune to the facility and it was WORTH every second. The instructors have a ton of knowledge about hand to hand combat, cqb with pistol and rifle and so much more. What I enjoyed most is they were involved in every training event on the mate in the shoot house. 

Jules D.
A+R Tactics
Our Story

A+R Tactics

588 Griffith Rd Bldg 5
Charlotte, NC 28217

Tues - Sat   10am - 7pm
Sun - Mon   Closed

*Call before coming, as our doors may be locked if we are in the back running a training session.  Thank you!

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